From fine powder to hot castings, this unique method of processing with vibration has served major industries around the world, providing the most efficient systems to feed materials.

To fulfil different needs, KILBURN-CARRIER vibratory feeders come in various sizes and capacities.

Various materials can be transported using these Kilburn-Carrier devices, which operate on the natural frequency principle.

These are custom – designed to suit specific requirements and can perform more than one process, thereby saving cost, space and energy.

Essential parts like the drive, springs, stabilizers, and trough construction offer excellent design versatility.


  • Double Decks
  • Sealing arrangement’s to suit applications
  • Screen Louvers
  • Dividers & Diverters
  • Liners & Self – Locking Gates
  • Dust – Tight Covers & Heat Blankets
  • High-Temperature Pans
  • Dynamic Balancing & Support Stand