Kilburn has technical collaboration agreements, both on regular & case-to-case basis, with world-class technology companies:

Technical Association

    Flue Gas De-sulphurization (FGD) System.

  • Furnace Engineering Inc (FEI), Japan

    Fired Hearters, Reformers, Waste Heat Recovery, Solar Systems, DeNox Systems, Gasification & Skid Mounted Packages.

  • Nara Machinery, Japan

    Paddle Dryer, CT FBD (Fluidized Bed Dryer)

Over ten years, Kilburn has successfully assimilated collaborators technology and has continuously upgraded the equipment and system, meeting technological quality standard of requirement of customers across the globe. Kilburn actively participates in International Technical Meetings and Seminars, Workshops and Trade Fair to keep abreast of the latest developments.