In technological collaboration with M/s Nara Machinery Company, Japan, Kilburn makes Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers. These dryers/coolers efficiently dry a variety of chemical, petrochemical, and other materials using the Fluidized Bed Technique.

Fluid Bed Dryers can be designed as batch or continuous units depending on the customers' needs. Extensive facilities are available for Pilot Plant Tests at the full-featured Test Centre owned and operated by Kilburn Engineering Limited.

All variable parameters can be changed to investigate a substance's drying characteristics and discover the values of significant factors afterward. This data is further complemented with empirical and real-world field data to construct actual equipment.


Hot air is delivered via the distributor plate positioned at the base of a rectangular chamber. Wet material is continually fed in a fixed quantity and spread by dispersing.

The dried product is continually discharged at the overflow outlets once the intended residence period has passed. The exhaust air is vented outside after passing through a dust separation system.


Typical Industries and Applications