The art of transporting bulk materials through a pipe line by either a negative or a positive pressure airstream is called Pneumatic Conveying.

  • Instead of using only formulas, Pneumatic Conveying Systems are designed using extensive experience. KILBURN provides systems with excellent designs that are remarkably economical. Special designs by Kilburn
  • Positive Pressure System
  • Closed Loop System
  • Negative Pressure system
  • Combined Negative Positive Pressure system

Kilburn also produces equipment with PED Certification and CE Marking. Kilburn is well-equipped with established welding techniques for various material combinations following several standards such as ASME IX, API, EN, IS, ASME B31.3, etc.

Few of the customized fabrication of equipments are listed below
  • Dust-free transportation of a variety of products.
  • Low maintenance and low workforce costs.
  • Flexibility in routing – can be transported vertically & horizontally by the addition of a bend in the pipeline.
  • Multiple uses – One channel can be used for a variety of products.
  • ant and pick-up from several regions.
  • The pipeline can be used to convey high-valued products.
  • Ease of automation and control.