Kilburn is dedicated to the design, manufacture, supply, installation, and commissioning of numerous highly tailored process equipment for wide range of applications for almost 40 years.

Among few businesses globally that provides a wide selection of solid, liquid, and gas dryers all under one roof. Applications include the drying and processing of materials like PVC, Carbon Black, Soda Ash, Sodium Cyanide, Rubber, Heavy Chemicals, and Sewage as well as sugar, paddy, tea, coconut, and other products.

Additionally, it produces customised packages needed for various onshore and offshore applications.

We have a talented pool of 250 skilled workers with specialized and experienced 150 management staff in various disciplines. We export 30 – 40% of the total turnover every year.

Kilburn is professionally managed by a Board of Directors with representatives from promoters & independent directors. We are proud to announce that we are listed in Bombay Stock Exchange, India & Calcutta Stock Exchange, India.

High-quality standards have brought about total customer satisfaction with every product manufactured and supplied by Kilburn.

The real strength of Kilburn lies in technology oriented functional groups within the company, with in-depth knowledge and experience in various aspects of material to be dried and drying systems. We have successfully provided specialized dryers for products such as tea, sugar, rice, paddy, coconut, salt, chilli, and other food products.