In collaboration with Nara Machinery, Japan. Kilburn offers Sludge Dryer for drying of Industrial and Municipal sewage treatment plant sludges.

This dryer is indirectly heated conduction type dryer with very high thermal efficiency (95%).

Heat transfer from heating medium (steam, hot water or hot oil / thermic fluid) to the material is by conduction. Efficient drying of sludge is achieved by bringing it in direct contact with revolving cuneiform hollow blades, without using any gas as heating medium.The trough is uniformly heated by passing heating media through the jacket. This ensures that the entire material in the dryer is in full contact with the total heat transfer area during its passage through the dryer.

Salient Features

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  • Bio Sludge
  • Primary Sludge
  • Sea Sludge
  • Paper sludge
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge (STP)

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