A drier initially created for Williamson Magor's tea farms is now widely known as VFBD (Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer).

There are more than 2000 installations in various Tea-producing countries.

Several years of successful field operations have established its superiority over all fluid bed dryers available today.

Based on significant field data, on-going research and development, and expertise in tea and industrial drying, KILBURN VFBD PHASE-VI has been given several benefits.


  • Higher output with reduced fuel consumption and negligible fly-off.
  • More efficient Cyclones & Dust Collection System resulting in practically eliminating the carryover of fines.
  • Flexibility of use for CTC & Orthodox tea.
  • SS construction of parts in contact with tea to avoid corrosion.
  • With uniform air flow & gradual removal of moisture, the sheen (luster) is preserved.
  • Adaptable to all heaters and designed to suit transportation by standard containers to avoid transit damage and reduce freight costs.
  • Creates genuinely dark and robust teas with a high thermal efficiency system.
  • Modular & Compact Design for easy installation.
  • The products are easy to maintain with a longer shelf-life
  • Best choice for premium Tea Manufacturers across the globe, backed with unparalleled “After Sales Service” and a vast network of Service Engineers all over India.
  • Newly designed Cold Air Mixing Chamber to ensure better mixing of hot & cold air for improved quality of made tea.
  • Double inlet double width Hot Air Blower for uniform flow resulting in a better quality of made tea.