Continuous Mechanized Withering System

The first and most crucial phase in a tea factory is withering, which may be the beginning of reaching black tea quality. The freshly picked leaf is chemically and physically prepared for further processing during this process.

There have historically been several manual systems in use, including TAT withering, Tunnel withering, Drum withering, and Trough withering. To achieve better and uniform leaf quality, KILBURN continuous mechanized withering system plans to adhere to standardized specifications.

The KILBURN Continuous Withering System contains precise controls for residence duration, humidity, and temperature and two different systems for chemical and physical withering.


  • Area needed is 50% less compared to troughs
  • Power requirement half of conventional method
  • Low cost of withering
  • Consistent wither percentages in spite of varying ambient conditions
  • Leaf damage and wastage totally eliminated.
  • Labour cost and involvement almost zero