Instrument and Utility Gas Drying System

KILBURN has supplied more than 150 Instruments and Utility Gas Drying system for unmanned oil well platforms.

These skids are designed to ensure the appropriate quality of the gas with the help of naturally cooled finned pipe coolers and carefully developed filter separators with automatic draining arrangements, depending on platform requirements for compressed gas as a utility or as an instrument gas.

Any combinations above are used to achieve optimally designed, automatically operated with a pneumatic control panel, instrument, and utility gas skid.

These skids were designed with access for maintenance of the skid components while considering the weight and space restrictions of oil exploration platforms.

Salient Features

  • Skids are delivered duly tested in assembled condition.

  • Engineering is backed up with a vast experience of KILBURN in this field.

  • These skids are manufactured with material such as NACE, SSCC & HIC test requirements.

  • Experience of more than 150 Instrument Utility skids delivered in the last four decades.

  • Due to absence of any moving components, the operation is stable, and maintenance is minimal.

Gas Conditioning Skids

Gas conditioning system is designed, engineered, manufactured, and supplied for delivering conditioned fuel gas for further applications such as a driving turbine.

These skids are designed to meet the exact requirements for the fuel gas's pressure and temperature.

These skids are designed to accommodate the space and weight limits of oil platforms and provide enough access for skid component maintenance.

Inlet Manifold

Inlet manifold skids are engineered for easy and quick access for the isolation of oil well by diverting part of crude oil or gas to a test separator or to isolate the oil well completely for any purpose.

Inlet manifold skids connect various oil wells with the production header.

This complete skid is designed to have easy access for the operation and maintenance of high-pressure valves handling corrosive well fluid.

The entire skid is delivered fully completed and prepared for installation, connection, and operation, saving significant time for piping assembly on the oil well platform.

Test Separator

These are designed to facilitate determination of condition of oil well and to give an advance intimation of the composition to process platforms.

KILBURN has successfully designed 3-phase (oil, gas & water)test separator skid with a facility for measurement of flow in each phase, simultaneously.

The test separator skid is designed taking into consideration the variations which occur in the composition, pressure and temperature.

KILBURN delivers skids complete with test separator vessel, piping, various instruments, control valves.

These skids are ready for operation immediately after installation.


These skids are designed, engineered, and produced using Kilburn's extensive industry knowledge. When necessary, KILBURN creates, produces, and provides the appropriate skids for water injection into the well.

They are designed to handle changes in flow and pressure when injecting water.

The skids are fully ready to inject a predetermined amount of water into the well. The user can install, connect, and operate the skid thanks to its design and engineering.

The maintenance of various components on the skids as well as platform limits are taken into consideration while designing skids.