Kilburn has an unrivalled reputation as a reputable maker of industrial fans for demanding duty situations.

Kilburn designs develops and manufactures big, heavy-duty, and specialized fans for all industries, including cement, steel, metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer, and power plants.

Kilburn specializes in large industrial and special application fans to meet unique process and plant needs.

Kilburn has amazing design fans with impellers that guide the flow with gently diverging curved blades to reduce noise levels and eddy formation, resulting in an efficiency of up to 87%, similar to the best in the market, and volume delivery up to 15,00,000 m3/hr.

Additionally, a unique design includes differential expansion of various parts for high-temperature service up to 500°C and a diameter of up to 4000 mm.

Kilburn industrial fans are rigorously tested for their rated specifications, including flow rate, pressure, noise levels, and vibration levels, as per national & international regulations, such as Is 4894 / amca - 210 as appropriate.

Kilburn has sophisticated test beds, ducting setups, and all necessary equipment for measuring and verifying the noise and vibration levels of large and heavy-duty industrial fans.


  • Low noise level

  • Performance tested to national or international standards

  • Minimum power consumption & low operating costs due to high efficiency

  • Reliability of operation and long operating life due to sturdy mechanical design