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Kilburn has designed, manufactured & successfully commissioned a new Drying cum Cooling System for Sugar. The system ensures integrity of the crystal structure & enhances brightness of sugar. This is achieved by the lower moisture content & virtual elimination of fine particles.

The Kilburn system comprises of a steam heater, drying & cooling zones, a multi-cyclone assembly & a scrubber.The Kilburn system provides for controlled drying & cooling of suspended sugar particles in a pre-designed air pattern.

sugar dryer
The sliding action in the convetional dryers which results in breakage of crystals is eliminated. It also incorporates a de-dusting system which separates the sugar dust from the exhaust air with 99.9% efficiency. The fines are re-cycled to the crystallizer thus increasing the yield of sugar from the same crushing capacity. Sugar solution from the scrubber is also recycled to the crystallizer to increase the yield.

The Kilburn Drying & Cooling System has a short pay back period due to higher price realisation of the sugar produced.
a ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Method of Sugar Analysis) Index of sugar from Kilburn Dryer is signtificantly lower than from the conventional dryer.
a Moisture content is uniform & lower at outlet (0.04% to 0.05%).
a Yield is higher due to efficient recovery of fines in the multi-cyclone & sub-micron sized sugar particles collected in the wet scrubber.
a Crystals with superior lustre & whiteness.
a Crystal structure is maintained with minimal breakage.
Sugar Dryer Flow Chart
The Kilburn Drying cum Cooling system is available in the following standard capacities:

Width (M)
Length (M)
15 T to 25 T
6.00 to 8.00
25 T to 40 T
8.30 to 10.00
40 T to 50 T
10.00 to 11.00

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