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KILBURN manufactures following skid-mounted packages for Off-shore Oil Exploration / Process Platforms.
1. Instrument and Gas Drying System
2. Gas Conditioning System
3. Inlet Manifolds
4. Test Separators
5. Water Injection Manifolds
KILBURN has supplied more than 100 Instruments and Utility Gas Drying system for unmanned oil well platforms. Depending on platform requirement for compressed gas as a utility or as an instrument gas, these skids are designed to achieve required quality of the gas with the help of naturally cooled finned pipe cooler and precisely engineered filter-separator with automatic draining arrangement.
IUG System01IUG System
Any combinations of the above are used to achieve optimally designed, automatically operated with pneumatic control panel, instrument and utility gas skid. The skids are delivered as complete assembled unit & ready to install, connect and operate. These skids are engineered, taking into consideration space & weight constraints of oil exploration platforms with adequate access for maintenance of the skid components.
IUG System03IUG System04
Kilburn has supplied these units through various platform – building contractors such as Larsen & Toubro ( L&T ), Hyundai, Samsung, NPCC - Abu Dhabi, McDermott, Dubal, Mazagaon Doeck Ltd.,Hindustan Shipping Ltd. etc