Health & Safety Policy

Kilburn Engineering Limited (KEL) is in the business of Design, Development, Engineering, Fabrication, Supply, Servicing, Supervision of Erection and Commissioning of Industrial Drying Systems and other critically customized Equipment for diverse process industries namely, Chemical, Food, Process, Fertilizer, Cement, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Refinery, Offshore, Pollution Control and allied Industries.

KEL is committed to ensure all legal and ethical compliances laid by Government with respect to Safety, Health and Environment.

KEL recognizes and discharges its responsibilities as a responsible employer for sound Safety & Health management of its employees, contractors and other persons who may be affected directly and indirectly by any of its activities.

Management of Safety, Health and Environment is one of the important objective of KEL. It has reasonably good procedures & systems of risk identification, inspection, monitoring audit and risk management for ensuring the implementation of acceptable standards.

KEL is a responsible Company for promoting environmental care and does comply with the applicable regulations. KEL is committed for conservation of energy & material resources and preventing pollution through its operations.

KEL is committed to encouraging employees, suppliers, contractors & customers for their participation in all safety matters and safety culture under all conditions which appear unhealthy, hazardous or dangerous.

KEL Management is committed to resolve all issues keeping in view the highest possible Safety, Health and Environment standards through awareness, training and motivating all employees, contractors and other stakeholders by providing the necessary resources.

KEL is committed to review and continually improve as an ongoing exercise the Companies Policy on Health and Environment.