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                     EPC PROJECT DIVISION
KILBURN has decades of experience in design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of whole gamut of equipment and systems for numerous industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, foundry, coal, food & allied industries.

KILBURN undertakes various projects from concept to commissioning. Its scope of work includes total project management. Efficient project management is achieved through execution by specialized skilled groups for various activities of project execution & seamless co-ordination among groups to ensure efficient, smooth and timely execution of project.

Kilburn has a separate Project Division to handle these Projects through the following specialized
sub-groups :-
project management This group is responsible for close co-ordination amongst various groups at Kilburn, Customer, Project site Vendors, Consultants & Government agencies etc. This group is the hub of the EPC Project Services and is responsible for efficient completion of the project.
detailed engineering This Group prepares layouts, plans, general arrengement and detailed manufacturing drawings. A detailed engineering package is forwarded to the  Planning Department.
resource planning This group is responsible for detailed study & analysis of various requirements of materials and manufacturing.
procurement Procurement of materials & equipment for manufacture in the workshop as well as on site is done by this group. The requirements are co-ordinated effectively.
site consrtuction & installation This group undertakes all activities right from setting up a project site office, stores and management of all equipment and materials.

Liaison with local government & civil bodies is done in close co-ordination with the project management group.

Installation of piping, equipments, instrumentation, electrical work and mechanical tests & trials are carried out by this group.
project commissioning Project commissioning involves efficient planning & skills to ensure smooth start-up of the plant & project systems.

An experienced team is deputed soon after the project site is ready for commissioning. Another senior team visits to evaluate the post commissioning performance.

Customer representatives are involved to impart basic knowledge of the plant & sub-systems from the beginning.
plant operation & training Many-a-time a good plant undergoes severe teething problems because of incomplete knowledge of the operating personnel.

The onus of such problems lies solely with the Plant Operation & Training Group and customers co-ordinator.

Kilburn lays considerable emphasis on efficient & trouble free handover of the plant after providing proper training and relevant documents for its operation.
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