Dryers & Cooler

Rotary Dryer, Cooler, Calciner & Kiln

KILBURN is a world leader in design and manufacture of Rotary Dryers, Coolers, Kilns and Calciners. KILBURN has several installations of Rotary Dryers worldwide. KILBURN Rotary Dryers are well known in various industries.


Fluid Bed Dryer & Cooler

Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers utilize Fluidized Bed Technique to effectively dry and/or cool many chemical, petrochemical, and other products.


Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

Vibratory Fluidised Bed Dryer is an extension of fluidised bed technique by using vibrations as an external aid to fluidisation.


Paddle Dryer & Cooler

Paddle Dryers / Coolers is a conduction type dryer / cooler that processes granular and powdery material. It dries or cools the material by bringing them into direct contact with revolving uniform shaped hollow paddles.


Conveyorised (Band) Dryer & Cooler

Conveyor Dryers are perhaps the most popular dryers which is why they have been in use in many industries ranging from food, chemical to pharmaceutical, etc.


Sludge Dryer

In collaboration with Nara Machinery Japan, KILBURN offers Paddle Dryer for drying of Industrial and Municipal waste water sludges.


Coal Drying System

Coal Dryers are suitable for drying different types of coals such as bituminous, sub bituminous, anthracite, lignite etc. with various particle size distribution.


Flash Dryer

Flash Dryer uses suspended particle drying technique where surface moisture of the material is rapidly removed by dispersing the particulate solids in a heated stream of gas / air.


Swirl Dryer

Swirl Dryer is a continuous drying system specially designed for products with surface moisture.


Sugar Dryer

The system ensures integrity of the crystal structure & enhances brightness of sugar. This is achieved by the lower moisture content & virtual elimination of fine sugar crystals.


Paddy Dryer

Paddy is processed in 3 main forms a) Raw Paddy, b) Steamed Paddy and c) Parboiled Paddy. All the three forms can be consumed as brown rice or white rice.


Coconut Dryer

Coconut Dryer is compact , fuel efficient and produces Desiccated Coconut of very high quality meeting International food standards.