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( For Management )
The Board of Directors (the Board) and Senor Management of the company agree to abide by the following Company Policy:
Conduct activities on behalf of the Company and on their personal behalf with honesty, integrity and fairness. They will act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence and with diligence, in the best interest of the Company without allowing their independent judgment to be subordinated.
Not engage in any business, relationship or activity which may be in any manner in conflict with the interest of the Company or Group.
Attend meetings as may be required of them and seek prior leave for absence from such meetings.
Not derive benefit or assist others to derive benefit by giving investment advice from the access to and possession of information about the Company not in public domain and therefore constitutes insider information.
Exercise authority and power with due care and diligence and whilst discharging the fiduciary responsibility of office in the best interest of the Company and all the stake holders.
Not allow  personal interest to conflict with the interest of the Company to come in the way of discharge of duties of office.
Protect the Company's assets or any other information and to not use the same for personal use.
Comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Preserve  and protect the environment with due concern for ecology, clean air and meet high levels of pollution and emission standards.
Use of Company property only for official purposes and for no personal gain. Not to accept any personal gratification from suppliers / services providers / business partners etc (Note: Personal gratification will not include normal entertainment and gifts of no significant value).
Deal fairly with customers, suppliers, employees and other business partners.
Respect health and safty of all employees and provide working conditions which are not harmful to health.
Encourage employees to acquire skills, knowledge and training to expand/enhance their professional and specialized knowledge.
Provide equal opportunities to all employees and aspirants for employment in the Company irrespective of gender, caste, religion, race or colour, merit being the sole differentiating factor.
Conduct business operations in compliance with competition laws and principles of fair market competition.
Maintain high ethical and professional standards in all dealings.
Not to conduct in a manner as may bring disrepute to office or tarnish the reputation and image of the Company.
Not take up any activities competing with the business of the Company.
Make proper record of all financial transactions and not create undisclosed or unrecorded account / fund or asset.
Co-operate with Government, Trade and Industry Associations for and in the development of economic legislations concerning the business of the Company.
Report any violation of this Code of Conduct to the Managing Director or the Chairman of the Company.