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Gasoline vapour recovery systems designed, engineered and manufactured by Kilburn are backed by Kilburn's extensive experience in process design, detail engineering and supply of adsorption systems and skid mounted units.
vapour recovery
Why Gasoline Vapour Should be recovered?
The transfer of gasoline to truck / rail at terminals is a major source of release of gasoline vapour to atmosphere. Gasoline vapour contains aromatic hydro carbon such as Benzene as well as aliphatic hydro carbons. Benzene is proved to be carcinogenic. The recovery unit drastically reduces the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) thereby creating safe environment. It becomes economically beneficial on account of value of recovered gasoline. Drastic reduction in VOC content in air will also reduce the risk of fire / explosion.
The Process

The basic system of gasoline vapour recovery unit works on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). The PSA system consists of two carbon vessels to ensure continuous operation. One adsorber vessel is always on steam in adsorption ( separation) mode . Vapour enters one of the vessels and passes through bed of activated carbon.

Hydro carbons are adsorbed in activated carbon allowing hydro carbon free air to exit to atmosphere.
Simultaneously second adsorber is being re-generated. For re-generation, vessel is evacuated by suitable vacuum pumps to the desired vacuum level. This is followed by

small air purging through the vessel during last phase of regeneration. Vacuum followed by air purge pulls out all the hydro carbons from the activated carbon, passes through the absorber column and phase separator. Hydro carbon vapour passes through the adsorber packing, where it is condensed by circulating gasoline. This circulating gasoline will also cool vacuum pump seal fluid. The condensed gasoline vapour is mixed with the circulating gasoline which is returned to the system. All unadsorbed vapour / air which exits through the top of the absorber is returned to the adsorber which is on adsorption mode ( separation mode). System is equipped with programmable Logic Controller with PC based user friendly human machine interface. This facility will ensure remote operational adjustment & fault diagnostic service with ease.
A Removal upto 99.98% of hydro carbon content from the exhaust air. A Compact design with ease of maintenance and transportation.
A Elimination of gasoline vapour from the exhaust air prevents health hazards. A Skid mounted design reduces civil / erection cost.
A Minimization of fire or explosion risk due to reduced hydro carbon vapour in atmosphere. A System designed with only electricity as utility.
A No generation of pollutant during operation. A Operation fully automatic.
A Economic benefits from recovered gasoline. A Systems supplied with continuous emission monitoring.
A Custom designed to suit specific needs. A Systems designed for operation in hazardous area.