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KILBURN has developed Adsorption Systems through its own in-house R & D facilities and has several systems installed for off - shore and on- shore applications.
KILBURN has virtual monopoly in systems for off - shore applications.


The agglomeration of gas or liquid molecules to the surface of a solid is known as adsorption. The solid is called the adsorbant or desiccant. Adsorption is a surface phenomenon and is directly proportional to the concentration, pressure & polarity of the substance to be adsorbed and the surface exposed. Adsorption generates heat proportional to the combination of condensation and wetting. The static equilibrium capacity is higher than that of dynamic condition for a particular relative humidity.
Adsorption System
a Air, gas and liquid dryers for refineries, fertilizers plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, etc.
a Vapour recovery systems for organic gases like Benzene, Toluene, etc.
a Instrument utility gas drying systems for offshore platforms


Adsorption System
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