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KILBURN ENGINEERING LIMITED is a Williamson Magor Group Enterprise. The group has varied interests in manufacture and marketing of Tea, Batteries and Engineering with a turnover more than one billion US Dollar.Eveready Industries, McNally Bharat Engineering, McLeod Russel India are other group enterprises.

KILBURN ENGINEERING LIMITED is acknowledged as the world's only company manufacturing all types of DRYERS and offering COMPLETE DRYING SOLUTION for diverse applications. It also manufacture's special skilled packages required for onshore and offshore application.


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Williamson Magor Group

  • Kilburn Engineering Ltd. is a part of Williamson Magor (WM) group
  • WM was established in 1869 by Captain J.H. Williamson & Richard Boycott Magor
  • Group Headquartered in Kolkata, India
  • Major Group Companies include
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